The growing customization trend

Retail is changing. Customers want more than just shopping: they’re craving rewarding experiences. Customization offers a powerful opportunity to enhance the retail journey through exciting experiential activities in-store and fun interactions online.

Our intuitive software enables your customers to personalize your products, creating one-off versions to wear or use with pride. The result is an enhanced perception of your brand and a stronger connection with your audience.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Selfridges & Co, Levi’s and A Bathing Ape.

YR is your global customization partner, in-store and online.

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1. Pixi2. Foot Locker3. Macy_s4. Ralph Lauren5. Asos
6. New Era7. Triumph_Triumph8. Hollister9. Levi_s10. Target
11. Story12. Dropdead13. Fader14. Obey15. Reebok
16. Ray Ban17. Skinny Dip18. Boy London19. BAPE20. MTV
21. Liberty22. Adidas23. Topshop24. Selfridges _ Co25. Swatch
26. GCDS27. Gap28. Oakley29. Puma30. Diesel
31. Star Wars32. SpongeBob33. Topman34. H_M35. Kiehls
36. Nike37. Tommy Hilfiger


Intuitive software tailored to your brand

At the heart of customization is a careful balance of creative freedom and pre-approved branded content. YR software offers a suite of easy-to-use design tools, powerful GDPR-compliant data capture and lots more. Written entirely in-house, it can be developed to suit your brand and specific requirements.

Swiping through content galleries, your customers can select from template designs, drag and drop icons, pinch and zoom, custom fill, add text, choose fonts and change colours – all displayed in a live render on-screen.

End-to-end service

Complete customization solution

We support you every step of the way through technical expertise, a full range of creative services and high-level strategic consultancy. We collaborate on a long-term basis with many of our clients to maximize the value customization can offer.

YR have participated in many art, culture and music projects, giving us a unique insight into youth consumer behaviour which, in turn, inspires our customisation experience and software design.

In-store and Online

More customers, more engagement, more revenue

Customization attracts new audiences. Those who spend more time connecting with your brand in-store or online typically spend more money. With a stronger sense of brand loyalty, they are also more likely to buy again and spread the word.

Our in-house design specialists collaborate with your team to create bespoke store furniture – from a spark of an idea through production to installation. They can also advise on effective integration into your existing store and customer flow.

Products and Printing

Live in-store printing or scaled to production facility

We use a range of high-quality techniques to suit many of your products including direct-to-garment printing, vinyling, engraving and embroidery. As items are always produced on demand, leftover stock and its potential environmental impact are reduced.

With live on-site production, customers watch in real time as their items are made. Alternatively, we work with you to efficiently fulfil orders through distribution centres or partner suppliers.

Stephen Ayres, Liberty’s Head of Fashion and Merchandising
We are thrilled to offer visitors the unique opportunity to have access to our famed print archives, and create custom designs to be produced in-store.

Design, Print, Love.

The three pillars of the YR customization experience.


Let customers make their mark on your products

Designing with YR’s software is fun, simple and rewarding. Creating something truly unique and personal captivates the imagination, generating an immersive and impactful experience.

Flexible software, many ways to customize products

Fully brandable software, pre-approved content

Seamless journey on any device, on-site or online


Unique designs turned into reality

A wide range of premium printing and finishing techniques can be integrated into the customization experience live at your store, or scaled to mass-production level off-site.

Easy to manage orders for on-site or off-site printing

On-demand production reduces inventory

Our software integrates with the latest printing technologies


Fun experiences forge stronger relationships

Making their mark on your product helps customers build a special connection with your brand. Encourage brand loyalty and advocacy through customization.

Customized items are always unique and special

Customers feel closer, more invested in your brand

Stay connected through GDPR-compliant data capture

Young Ho Choi, Nike iD Manager
The feedback has been amazing, the Tee customisation has been talked about globally and has gone down great with our consumers.