Since 2013, YR has become a global leader in product customization and on-demand fulfillment solutions. In 2024, YR merged with ConfigureID, the team behind a world-renowned 3D product configurator.

With best-in-class 3D configurator tech seamlessly integrated into the YR platform, we can spearhead the future of customization, across all channels, for you and your customers.

The YR platform has elevated apparel and accessory customization experiences for leading brands including Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Oakley.

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1. Swatch2. Microsoft3. Kiehls4. Ferrari5. Sky
6. Oakley7. Linkedin8. Comic Con9. IBM10. Coca Cola
11. Acquia12. Nokia13. Selfridges _ Co14. Ballantines15. Shutterstock
16. BAPE17. SpongeBob18. Topshop19. Le Miami20. Tommy Hilfiger
21. Boy London22. Honda23. O224. Think with Google 125. Wonderland
26. Google27. Schweppes28. Kawasaki29. Nike30. New Era
31. McAfee32. Volvo33. Foot Locker34. Story35. Gap
36. Puma37. Harley Davidson38. Oath39. YouTube40. Smart
41. Balvenie42. Knorr43. D_Ad44. Reebok45. Selligent
46. Rolls Royce47. Macy_s48. Netflix49. Facebook50. Adidas
51. Hollister52. Ray Ban53. Adobe54. Universal55. Skinny Dip
56. Obey57. Vodafone58. Instagram59. Toyota60. MTV
61. Samsung62. EDC63. Seat64. EA Games65. Ralph Lauren
66. Sony67. Miller Lite68. Fader69. Barclays70. H_M
71. Asos72. Hertz73. Dropdead74. Heineken75. Mercedes-Benz
76. Barclaycard77. Liberty78. Wagamama79. GCDS80. Allianz