YR x Numinous

Utilising YR Store’s live, digital garment printing technology, Selfridges customers will be able to chose from two astrology-themed designs, to produce a custom sweatshirt, t-shirt, crop, or iPhone case that’s completely unique to them.

Using YR Store’s touch-screen technology, you can choose the Spirit Animal that truly speaks to you. The ideal Christmas gift, both concepts come beautifully packaged in a custom YR Store x The Numinous box. YR Chart on a Shirt items will also include a print of your design, and a brief overview explaining the significance of each element of the design.

Concept 1

YR Chart on a Shirt Enter you date of birth into the YR Store touch-screen to generate a custom design featuring elements of your birth chart – along with your Life Path number in numerology. Featuring illustrations by long-time Numinous collaborator Erin Petson, each design will be completely unique, depending on the day, month and year of your birth.

Concept 2

My Spirit Animal Is… According to Native American tradition, we are all supported by mystical guides from the Spirit Animal realm. For example, the Horse spirit animal signifies freedom, while the Eagle aids in our ability to rise above. But what if your spirit animal is…a Ferrari?