YR x Weekday Bodyscan Jeans

At H&M brand Weekday, there’s now a new way to try on and order jeans: Bodyscan Jeans.

We were very proud to be a key partner on this exciting pilot, integrating with other tech partners to deliver on-demand production. Now live now at the Götgatan store in Stockholm, here is how the process works:

YR provides consumers with a fun, intuitive interface to create their user account. TG3D’s scanning tech takes measurements, and YR’s innovative platform displays a digital avatar, then allowing selection of fabric, style, trims and fit. After that, global denim innovators Unspun create a denim-cut pattern and the YR platform collates the order and passes to a production facility where they make the custom pair of jeans, perfectly designed to fit your body.

Turnaround time from order to delivery is just a few days. YR was a key partner chosen to integrate this unique tech into a groundbreaking on-demand system, processing and interpreting order data from the consumer and converting this into production ready-files at the remote production facility.

It was great to work on a project that shares the YR ambition to reduce oversupply, streamline supply chain and support inclusivity through custom made products for all body types.