For more than 30 years, USC has specialized in sports apparel and footwear with 60 stores across the UK. For the launch of the brand-new store in West Thurrock, we worked closely with the team to launch a brand-new shopping experience with a live printing installation from YR.

We merged our experience in direct-to-garment technology and print app curation to create a unique and on-demand merchandise solution. Our team developed specialized custom software complete with a swipe‑and-select interface and shopping basket feature. The app featured artwork from the world’s biggest brands and musicians to create the ultimate wardrobe staple – the band t-shirt. The catalogue of artwork featured hundreds of design combinations from the likes of Guns n Roses, The Rolling Stones and Metallica. YR delivered training to the entire USC in-store team to equip them with the print skills needed in anticipation of the big store launch and busy summer shopping season.