YR Configurator

Enhanced product visualization

Best-in-class photorealistic 2D and 3D product visualization tool. Implement multiple types of embellishment, made-to-order (MTO) construction, and inventory integration. Manage the complete 2D/3D asset lifecycle. Set the rules and configurator logic. Users can customize numerous attributes on any of your products.

Effortless, versatile, and lightweight integration

YR Studio

Organize, manage and report

Streamlined administration of all your products and content. Modify attributes and properties such as product configuration options, pricing and labeling. Configure complex business rules and effectively manage localization, including behaviors, content, countries, languages and currencies.

Benefit from customized reporting and analytics dashboards for monitoring your required metrics

YR Production Manager

Efficient order management

Customized products anytime, anywhere. Efficiently route orders to retail stores, distribution centers, or 3PL partners with YR’s intelligent order routing. Enjoy diverse OMS/ERP integration options and production-ready files for seamless fulfillment. Benefit from an intuitive operator user interface, and shipping integration options.

Integrated, cutting-edge embellishment technology