Virtual engagement, real-life results

The need for events to take place online is rapidly increasing. Virtual events allow audiences all over the world to come together with minimal costs and environmental impact.

The customization experience helps your attendees build a stronger connection with your brand. They can design something personal – yet tailored to your brand – using our web-based software. And they’ll receive their physical souvenir within days, to remind them of your event over and over again.

YR is your global customization partner, helping you build audience engagement in the digital and physical worlds.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Google, Salesforce, Adobe, Collibra and ION Group.

Can we help make your virtual event more impactful through customization?

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1. Gap2. Triumph_Triumph3. Think with Google 14. Reebok5. Topman
6. Kiehls7. Ray Ban8. Swatch9. BAPE10. Balvenie
11. Corona12. Adobe13. Rolls Royce14. Hertz15. Schweppes
16. EA Games17. Obey18. Toyota19. Tommy Hilfiger20. H_M
21. Netflix22. Viacom23. Macy_s24. Sony25. Seat
26. Financial Times27. Dropdead28. YouTube29. O230. Oath
31. Coca Cola32. SpongeBob33. D_Ad34. Foot Locker35. Story
36. Smart37. Barclays38. IBM39. Hollister40. Nike
41. GCDS42. McAfee43. Mercedes-Benz44. Barclaycard45. Diesel
46. Microsoft47. Google48. Shutterstock49. Allianz50. Skinny Dip
51. Comic Con52. Facebook53. Honda54. Pixi55. Linkedin
56. Liberty57. Levi_s58. Instagram59. Acquia60. Ogilvy
61. Volvo62. Samsung63. Adidas64. Asos65. EDC
66. Wonderland67. Yahoo68. Boy London69. Heineken70. New Era
71. Fader72. Wagamama73. Red Bull74. Sky75. Harley Davidson
76. Kawasaki77. MTV78. Vodafone79. Target80. Nickelodeon

Design, Print, Love.

The three pillars of the YR customization experience.


Let attendees of your virtual event make their mark on real-life products

Customizing products with YR’s intuitive web-based software is fun and rewarding. Your audience can design something unique and personal, which captivates their imagination and generates an immersive, impactful experience.

Flexible software, many ways to customize products

Web-based software, seamless experience on any device

Fully brandable interface, pre-approved content


Digital creations turned into reality

We work with you to produce orders and deliver them to their creators as quickly as possible. You can choose from a wide range of premium printing and finishing techniques. On-demand production reduces potential environmental impact and eliminates leftover stock.

Easy to manage orders, we take care of printing

Made-to-order products reduce leftover stock

High-quality techniques on products supplied by you or us


Fun experiences and physical items forge stronger relationships

Attendees build a special connection with your event by making their own mark on your products. A personal souvenir serves as a permanent reminder of your brand. Analytics features, powerful data capture opportunities and social media integration also help loyal, long-term relationships grow.

Customized items are always more personal and treasured

Audiences feel closer to your event and more invested

Stay connected through GDPR-compliant data capture