How does it work?


We create a simple microsite with your brand logo.


You or YR Masks send out voucher codes to your employees.


Employees head to the website and design their masks.


Enter in their voucher codes at checkout.


We print and ship to your employees directly within 2-3 working days.

Can we help you make the most of your return to work strategy?

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If you want your own mask or you aren't a business go to now.

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Don't miss an amazing branding opportunity

Communicate your company’s values through action, supporting your staff on their return to work through the supply of high-quality masks for their commute and presence in the office. This is also a great opportunity to expose your brand to everyone that sees your staff, without having to have to say a word.

Decreases effects of pollen, dust, bacteria and smoke

Reduces airborne particles from sneezing or coughing


Offer your staff an experience

Some of the world’s biggest brands are using YR’s customization platform to create and strengthen connections with their customers and audiences, now you can do the same for your staff.

Lowers risk of hand / face cross contamination

Adjustable straps ensure tight, comfortable fit


Keep staff safe while at work and commuting

Your staff are your number one asset – keeping them safe is your responsibility. Will you help ensure your staff’s safety on their commute and the line of duty?
Check with your local authorities regarding legislation around the use of masks in public, on transport and at work.

Breathable, reusable and machine-washable material

Great protection for people in non-medical fields

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